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Shandong Zhuo Jun Group Participated in National Gypsum Mortar Technology Exchange Meeting and Mechanized Construction Observation Exchange Meeting 2019

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2019/12/28 18:54
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China Technical Seminar on Gypsum and Mortar Technology 2019, Gypsum and Mortar Technology Training Course, and Gypsum and Mortar Mechanized Construction Site Observation Meeting were held concurrentl


China Technical Seminar on Gypsum and Mortar Technology 2019, Gypsum and Mortar Technology Training Course, and Gypsum and Mortar Mechanized Construction Site Observation Meeting were held concurrently on April 23-26, 2019 in Jinan, Shandong.

This Seminar was cohosted by China Bulk Cement Promotion and Development Association, Beijing Qihang International Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhuo Jun Group, China BEST Chemical Alliance, China Construction Mechanization Construction Alliance, Green Sharing Alliance, National Building Materials Network, Coatings committee of China Building Materials Circulation Association and Building Rendering Professional Committee of China Private Technology Promotion Association.

Almost 400 gypsum & mortar company representatives, building materials industry experts, media and industry counterparts came to Jinan for learning through this seminar, which focuses on gypsum & mortar production and application technology. We activate thinking and innovation to empower development through mind collision and we will jointly hold the annual grand gathering of elites and the splendid gluttonous feast.

William Zhang, general manager from Shandong Zhuo Jun Industrial Co., Ltd, delivered a powerful speech called "Sharing Platforms for Win-win Cooperation" at the seminar. He emphasized the joint efforts to create an open, transparent, mutually supportive and win-win Zhuo Jun Sharing Platform and the key point to achieve four value systems: customer win-win, partner win-win, industry win-win, and market win-win.