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Construction grade hydroxypropyl starch is the fastest growing industry in starch ether application industry. ZHUOJUN® ZJ-HPS is a kind of ionic hydroxypropyl starch, which is produced by a series of chemical and physical reactions with starch as raw material. It is non-toxic, tasteless white or beige power, which can be dissolved in cold water to form transparent or translucent viscous liquid. It is effective in thickening, adhesion, dispersion, emulsification, suspension, adsorption, surface activity, water retention and so on. And it is well compatible with other additives in gypsum or cement based building materials.
ZHUOJUN® ZJ-401 is sulphonated melamine formaldehyde based superplasticizer. It exhibits low air entrainment, good whiteness, no corrosion to iron and excellent adaptability to all kinds of cement or gypsum. It obviously improves their strength, fluidity and anti-permeability. It has good workability, water retention and steam-curing adaptability. ZHUOJUN® ZJ-401 is in line with the standard GB8076-2008 for the concrete admixtures. ZHUOJUN® ZJ-401 is widely applied in construction, such as high strength gypsum, gypsum based self-leveling floor, gypsum plaster, gypsum putty, cement based self-leveling floor, wear-resistance floor, repair mortar, special high-strength mortar, as-cast finish concrete/bare concrete, early strength concrete, high-endurance concrete etc..
ZHUOJUN® Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is a natural polymer materials as raw materials,through a series of chemical processing and prepared non-ionic cellulose. It contains almost methyl cellulose(MC) of all the performance, your first choice for production of high quality building materials additives.To meet the needs of environmental protection, Our product with high water retention, dispersion, good fineness, good work ability, easy dissolution characteristics.It suitable for dry mortar building, both inside and outside wall putty powder milk (cream), adhesives, caulks, interface agents, coatings, self-leveling agent of new building materials.
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